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Welcome to Ergoback!

Your experts in ergonomic furniture!

We are here to help you work smarter by providing comfortable, and supportive office furniture that helps you enjoy your workday by staying productive and healthy.

Call us today at 1-855-370-3746.

Boss Office Products

For affordable, quality seating, Boss Seating is a great choice. With popular Traditional and Modern styles, Boss has the perfect Office Chair for you. Shop our huge selection of executive chairs,computer chairs, and guest chairs.


Neutral Posture

Neutral Posture is the leading provider of ergonomic solutions, high quality and innovative products and accessories. These products and services will help our customers create a safe and comfortable work environment.


ESI Ergonomic Solutions

ESI Ergonomics supplies ergonomic work tools including monitor arms, keyboard combinations, wall mounted and mobile workstations, LCD TV mounts, crank and electric adjustable tables, laptop solutions, pencil drawers, and task lighting. Our focus is improving productivity and safety by adding comfort, flexibility and mobility to the computer workstation.


Eye Tech

EyeTech knows eye tracking. We developed:

  1. The first eye tracker to work on a Windows® PC
  2. The first low cost eye tracker
  3. The first USB eye tracker – no power supply needed
  4. The first mini eye tracking module – no tools required
  5. The first and still the only long-distance eye tracker (up to 10 feet away)




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