Ergonomic Furniture Buying Guide

Setting up a safe and comfortable workstation for home of office use isn’t difficult when you use these guidelines when selecting your office furniture.

Ergonomically Correct Office Chairs

  • Chairs should be easily adjustable with a minimum seat height of 16″.
  • Chairs should have a a sturdy five-legged base
  • Office chairs should swivel 360 degrees so it is easier to access items around without twisting.
  • Seat length should be 15″ to 17′ and at least 18″ wide.
  • The front of the seating area should be rounded .
  • Chairs should be covered in a breathable and resilient material
  • The backrest should be at least 15″ tall and 12″ wide and adjust at least 15 degrees
  • The backrest should be widest at the base, then narrow to minimize interference with arm movement. 
  • Armrest height should be adjustable between 7″ and 10.5″ from the seat.

Desks And Computer Workstations

  • Desks or workstations should be deep enough to accommodate a monitor placed at least 20″ away from the user’s eyes.
  • Desk or workstation height should be adjustable between 20″ and 28″ for seated tasks.
  • The desk or workstation surface should be at about elbow height when the user is seated with feet flat on the floor.